27 February, 2023
Zahli Ranks Top 7 Lebanese Restaurants Around the World

Tucked away in the trendy streets of Surry Hills, Sydney, Zahli Restaurant celebrates the beauty and authenticity of Lebanese cuisine.

Lauded as the benchmark of Middle Eastern dining in Sydney, Zahli prides itself for offering tantalising dishes infused with the exotic flavours of the Levant. Along with an incredible menu, Zahli offers an ambient atmosphere, complemented with the warm hospitality of their friendly staff.

If you’re a Middle Eastern expatriate, Zahli will evoke the nostalgic scents of the revelries back home. If you’re simply a lover of quality food, Zahli Restaurant is the ultimate place to experience authentic Lebanese cuisine and delight your senses.

Bringing the tastiest culinary treasures of Lebanon, Zahli Restaurant is unlike any Middle Eastern restaurant in sydney that you’ve dined at before. The menu is crafted to satisfy the tastes of anyone who appreciates delicious, authentic food made from the traditional Lebanese cooking techniques.

Offering a wide selection of cold and hot mezze, an endless variety of fresh meats and grills, and a range of desserts, Zahli goes the extra mile to ensure guests feel most welcome.

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