11 January, 2024
Zahli Restaurant Telling A Lebanese Seafood Love Story

Lebanon, specifically in the city of Tripoli, is well known for its seafood and exquisite recipes.

Beyond the undeniable appeal of its delicate flavours and enticing textures, seafood packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutritional value. For health-conscious individuals and culinary adventurers, incorporating seafood into your diet offers many benefits.

Opting for Seafood: The Benefits

Protein Powerhouse: As a cornerstone of a balanced diet, protein is crucial in building and maintaining muscle mass, supporting enzyme function, and regulating hormones. Seafood reigns supreme in this department, boasting high-quality protein with exceptional bioavailability.

Cholesterol Captain: Rich in “good” unsaturated fats and naturally low in cholesterol, seafood helps maintain healthy blood lipid levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and promoting overall vascular health.

Vitamin & Mineral Vault: Nature’s multivitamin, seafood brims with vital nutrients crucial for various physiological processes. Zinc, essential for immune function and wound healing, is abundant in many seafood varieties. Potassium, a key player in regulating blood pressure and electrolyte balance, also flourishes in the ocean’s bounty. Additionally, seafood is a natural source of vitamin B12, vital for neurological function and red blood cell production.

Omega-3 Oasis: These essential fats, not synthesised by the body, play a crucial role in brain health, cognitive function, and mood regulation. They also possess potent anti-inflammatory properties, promoting joint health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. By incorporating seafood into your diet, you unlock a natural source of these wonder fats, paving the way for a healthier and more vibrant life.

10 Types of Seafood Popular in Sydney:

1. Whitebait
2. Squid
3. Sand whiting
4. Prawns
5. Seared barramundi
6. Salmon
7. Tuna
8. Pollock
9. Catfish
10. Crab

Expand your palate beyond barramundi! Discover the diverse bounty of the ocean, from succulent squid to king prawns, and find your perfect Lebanese seafood match.

Lebanese Cuisine x Seafood: A Match Made in Heaven

Craving succulent seafood kissed by the sun and seasoned with passion? Dive into the vibrant world of Zahli Restaurant, a Sydney restaurant where Lebanese culinary heritage collides with the ocean’s finest bounty. Nestled in the heart of Sydney, it’s an aromatic love story between the Mediterranean and the Pacific.

Dive into our seafood dishes with our (favourite) seared barramundi options, savour succulent BBQ king prawns in a garlic butter sauce, or explore the depths of a seafood delight, deep-fried whitebait.

***If you’d like a foolproof recipe for Samki Harra to try at home, you can CLICK HERE.***

At Zahli Restaurant, we offer the finest ingredients simply to pay tribute to the traditions of those in Lebanon—fresh and delicious. This quality does not compromise with our seafood menu. At our restaurant, the Mediterranean meets the Pacific in a mouthwatering feast with options for all diners.

Sizzle your taste buds with our seafood dishes, guaranteed to satisfy:

Fiery Samki Harra (Zahli Favourite): Seared barramundi ablaze with spicy tahini and roasted nuts, a fiery kiss from the Lebanese coast.

On top of the pyramid list of seafood recipes lies Samki Harra. Translated from Arabic, it simply means spicy fish. This is a specialty Lebanese recipe where a seared barramundi fish fillet is baked and then covered with a mouth-watering tangy, garlicky, spicy and hearty tahini sauce. Although we prefer the former, the fish can be fillets or whole (scaled). For those unfamiliar with tahini, it’s a paste made from crushing/blending roasted sesame seeds and can be easily purchased anywhere.

Fresh Samki Beirutiyeh: Tangy tomato salsa dances with tender barramundi, a taste of Beirut’s sun-kissed shores.

Crispy Whitebait: Tiny treasures golden-fried and dipped in tahini, a playful snack for adventurous palates.

Tender Salt & Pepper Squid: Succulent rings dancing in creamy aioli sauce, a coastal classic with a modern twist.

Whole Sand Whiting: Crunch into golden perfection, dipped in tahini to taste seaside simplicity.

Juicy BBQ king prawns: Garlic butter, coriander, oregano, and secret spices ignite your senses in every succulent bite.

Escape the ordinary and explore the extraordinary. Come hungry, come curious, and let Zahli Restaurant transport you to the heart of Lebanon, with seafood dishes sure to satisfy.

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