27 February, 2023
Zahli Restaurant shares why Lebanese cuisine is considered exceptional

The food and lifestyle of the Middle East have long been considered healthy. The Middle Eastern diet is rich in grains, vegetables and fruits and high in omega-3 fatty acids.

The Mediterranean Diet is another popular way to eat well. It consists of foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish; lower amounts of red meat; moderate amounts of dairy products; and fat from extra virgin olive oil.

While hommos and falafel have always been crowd favourites, there are many more reasons Middle East cuisine is gaining popularity.

Great tasting even when delivered

Aside from the delicious flavours, Lebanese restaurant cuisine is perfect for the post-Covid-19 world since it travels well in delivery and takeaway boxes. Many recipes are made with a combination of rice and meat or chicken, and are easily packed into containers for home or on-the-go consumption. Not only that, but we take special care in packing different items for delivery. Our dishes are made and packaged in a way where heat and humidity mildly affect the end product. Salads with dressing containers are packed exceptionally and are never mixed before they arrive at your place. This practice prevents fresh vegetables from sogging and changing in texture.

Extremely delicious

Spices with intense aromas and flavours are often used in Lebanese cooking. Strong, aromatic, savoury spices such as cumin, harissa, cardamon, and za’atar may be used to create a broad range of hues and flavours. Turmeric is used in a wide variety of dishes, usually for meat and vegetable dishes, and it gives rice that distinctive golden colour and flavour when combined with chicken or beef.

Healthy and suits most diets

There are just as many fish and vegetable dishes on Lebanese menus as meat-based ones. With this cuisine, one can enjoy a rich diet that includes pomegranate, eggplant, cucumber, parsley, mint, tahini, tomato, and dried fruits, which are highly nourishing.

Not all Lebanese cuisine is the same

Lebanon is a cultural and tradition-rich nation. Despite the clear similarities, each region has its own cuisine traditions, which include spices, cooking methods, and recipe variants. Each region even has its’ own signature dishes that locals and foreigners know in that area alike. Many Lebanese travel internally to experience other areas’ specialty foods. At Zahli, we have ensured the best of the best are included in our menu.

Breaking Some Myths

There are many misconceptions about Lebanese cuisine out there. Let’s debunk some of the myths surrounding Lebanese food.

“It’s the same as Mediterranean food”
Mediterranean and Lebanese refer to different things. Morocco, Turkey and Italy can be considered Mediterranean, but Lebanon can be seen as more Levantine. Although recipes share some common ingredients with countries like Greece and Spain, they’re not identical, and each has its prominent characteristics and favourite spices and methods of cooking. In addition to this, dare we say, Lebanese cuisine is the most flavoursome.

“Baklava is the only dessert”
Although baklava is delicious and one of the most popular desserts on Lebanese menus, there are other dessert options for those who like something sweet. There are so many diverse sweets that they could cover a complete cookbook, including knafeh, rice pudding and many others.

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