27 February, 2023
Zahli Restaurant in The Rocks Showcasing the Best Lebanese Cuisine

Class. Taste. Beauty.

The world of gastronomy has much to offer on the south-eastern side of Sydney’s CBD. 

Exhibiting some of the best restaurants in the world, The Rocks boasts a myriad of cuisines enough to make your tastebuds tingle at the very thought of just one. With the likes of Italian, Greek, Japanese, Modern Australian, Lebanese and more, The Rocks is guaranteed to have whatever cuisine you are in the mood for. 

Zahli Restaurant in The Rocks will take you to a world of splendour that rightfully promotes Lebanese cuisine as a culinary experience you just cannot surpass encompassing the essential flavours in any Lebanese food, which are plenty of olive oil, garlic, and lemon.

Boasting its plush and spacious interiors, the decor is an equal balance of traditional Lebanese and contemporary chic. 

The restaurant’s namesake Zahlé, which is Lebanon’s third largest city, undoubtedly exemplifies a uniquely remarkable beauty through its flavour and culture, making it rank among the best restaurants in The Rocks, Sydney.

Enjoy exotic foods rich in flavour and expect great service that is prompt and informative. 

Something as simple as mezza, also known as the entrees or smaller portions, is hard not to make your mouth water! With a variety of options including, a classic trio of dips presented in small bowls with hommos, labneh and baba ghannouj, then fattoush salad, makanek (Lebanese sausages), grilled halloumi stack, fried kibbeh and vine leaves, what more could one want?!

Well, perhaps a main? There are three banquets to choose from such as The Zahli, The Mediterranean and The Vegetarian which allows diners to delight in a mix of wholesome and flavoursome dishes. There are many other mains if the three banquets are not what you are after.

Here are 5 reasons to dine at Zahli, one of the best restaurants in The Rocks, Sydney

1 – Great atmosphere

Enjoy pleasant hospitality at Zahli where diners will be instantly drawn to the perfect ambience and once settled in, transported to a world of simplicity, enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail as though they were down by the banks of the Sannine on a warm summer’s night.

Not only does the menu exude a modern take on Middle Eastern food, but it is well complemented by the restaurants interior. 

A perfect choice of interiors to say the least. Zahli was designed by local interior designers, with the unique space showing off its main feature, the marble bar with coloured tiles. 

While the restaurant is grand and spacious, a softer touch with bentwood chairs balances out the atmosphere which also perfectly caters to a more casual or low-key dining experience. 

2 – No discrimination

Vegetarian or not, Zahli offers a variety of vegetarian and meat options both as mezza options or mains. 

In fact, Lebanese cuisine has more vegetarian options than one might think. In the early history of Lebanese cuisine, locals in Lebanon relied heavily on vegetarian options because it was very rare to get.

Thankfully Zahli has a vegetarian banquet which screams out from the menu. The Vegetarian includes; hommos, baba ghannouj, labneh, tabbouli, fattoush, mixed pickles, spinach pastry, falafel, cauliflower, potato coriander, loubieh, mjadra & mixed vegetarian grill (zucchini, capsicum, eggplant, mushroom).

In addition to the banquet option, there are various options on the cold and hot mezza as well as other mains, which are vegetarian-friendly, that not only look good but are so full of flavour and zest. 

3 – Quality service 

Floor staff know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to recommending you a dish that will not disappoint. Add a matching red or white wine and you are on track to enjoying a feast that is nothing less than perfect. 

Zahli knows how to cater for both small or large numbers while maintaining quality across all areas; in taste, presentation, and service.

If you are thinking of hosting an event, celebration or team meeting the talented team at Zahli will not let you down. With the spacious room, large group seatings are nothing to shy away from. 

Entrusting the team to deliver quality food and service is something to be confident about. 

4 – Variety of food and beverage options 

Perhaps you would like to espresso yourself with the Lebanese version of a short black while indulging in Lebanese sweets that are so rich in flavour. 

5 – Award-winning restaurant

The delicious mezza options and nutritious, banquets and mains showcase traditional Lebanese cuisine in a contemporary setting, ranking Zahli restaurant as the number one Middle Eastern restaurant by AGFG and also being awarded a certificate of excellence for 2019 by Trip Advisor.

This award-winning restaurant has something to offer every diner, from the meat lovers to the vegetarians, a small intimate dinner or even a large group, this Lebanese restaurant in The Rocks is ranked among the elite by no coincidence. 

Try it for yourself and be the judge of this traditional Middle Eastern restaurant with your friends or family today. For table reservations book online or call 02 9318 2228