27 February, 2023
Why is Zahli one of the top award-winning restaurants in The Rocks, Sydney?

What sets Zahli apart from other top restaurants in Sydney? Well, let’s just say you have to experience it yourself to believe it. Delivering exceptional food combined with culture and unparalleled service, Zahli has made its way to earn a top spot among restaurants in Sydney.

Recently announced as the winner of the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2019 for Best Lebanese Cuisine across the globe. This achievement is a true testament to the delightful food, service and cultural experience offered to guests. Not only has this award highlighted Zahli’s achievements in Sydney, rather has positioned the restaurant as one of the finest Lebanese dining destinations on an international scale. 

The World Luxury Restaurant Awards is one of the greatest successes in the luxury restaurant industry, providing Zahli with the opportunity to showcase what it has to offer to the hospitality industry on an international scale. Zahli has also won a variety of different prizes, positioning itself as one of the highest award-winning restaurants in The Rocks. 

Adding to the current accolade of many other industry awards including:

  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
  • The Australian Food Guide, Readers’ Choice Winner 2019
  • Talking Lifestyle Radio Awards – Australia’s Best Restaurant 2017

Being part of such high achievements has allowed Zahli to show the people of Sydney what it truly has to offer. 

So, you may be thinking … What makes Zahli one of the top Lebanese and award-winning restaurants in The Rocks? In very simple terms, each ingredient and meal is served to invite guests into the land and culture of Lebanon. Fusing traditional flavours with a modern touch, Zahli has transformed the way Lebanese food is served. 

Reasons why Zahli is a top Lebanese restaurant in The Rocks, Sydney

Food is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a restaurant. Zahli uses a variety of high-quality ingredients that showcase the Lebanese culture, allowing guests to experience a one-of-kind food journey. A good chef is key to a quality restaurant as they make sure food delivered to guests is according to their specific needs. Zahli uses tradition as a foundation and has specifically chosen an Executive Chef with the experience in Middle Eastern flavours to showcase the interpretation of contemporary and flavoursome dishes. 

Zahli uses a variety of fresh ingredients that are packed with flavour and seasonings. Lebanese dishes incorporate a range of fresh herbs, spices and other condiments to infuse flavours into the meal. All of the dishes on the menu use seasonings true to Lebanese culture, including garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini and mint. These unique touches allow Zahli to stand out from the crowd and display their delicious food. 

Zahli also ensures the overall ambience and decor of the restaurant matches with the theme of the menu. An environment that is appealing leaves a first impression on guests and adds value to a restaurant. Zahli has combined traditional and modern elements of decor with subtle touches of tradition, to produce a truly remarkable atmosphere. Incorporating a timeless minimalistic design, Zahli offers comfortable seating arrangements suiting to everyone’s needs. Whether you have a party of 4 or a party of 50, the team at Zahli always finds a way to accommodate.

Not only does Zahli offer good food and good service, but the team also ensures to leave an unforgettable impression on guests. Good service is hard to find, which is why Zahli ensures the team offers impeccable service, making the experience guests won’t forget. The floor staff at Zahli have a passion and understanding of the industry, placing their importance on the customers with extensive knowledge of the menu, assisting to the needs of guests. 

In addition to this, Zahli ensures to remain one of the top restaurants in Sydney by serving up consistent food. It is not enough to serve good food ‘most the time’, it is important that a top restaurant serves high-quality food every single time. Guests re-visit restaurants because of the experience and good food. It is important that when they re-visit they experience the same quality and class as the first time. Zahli guarantees guests are swept away with a fine-dining experience every time they step foot into Zahli. 

With such dedication to customers, the team at Zahli constantly works hard to elevate the restaurant beyond a ‘traditional’ Lebanese restaurant. Fusing flavours of the past and present, Zahli has accomplished something special. 

Do you want to visit an award-winning restaurant in The Rocks

Zahli invites you to join them for a one of a kind Lebanese dining experience. Making sure guests experience top quality food, service and consistent meals, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Make your dining experience memorable and choose Zahli. Book your table today on (02) 9318 2228.