27 February, 2023
What makes a good restaurant in Sydney CBD?

According to many sources, Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, which automatically denotes a luxurious quality of life.

This is not untrue: one thing that can be vouched for is that Sydney, as a city, indulges in luxurious, quality food.

Sydney has set the precedent for being a hub of the finest dining options, attracting both local diners and tourists from all over the world, boasting a tasteful selection of culinary delights.

Sydney, especially The Rocks and its surrounding suburbs, has become a home for hopeless foodies, restaurant hoppers and ‘instagrammable’ dishes. There is zero tolerance for mediocre food.

What’s so good about the restaurants in The Rocks?

The Rocks restaurants are, by far, some of the finest restaurants in Australia which can be credited to its strong multicultural influence. Migration boosts have led the humble suburb to cultivate culture through a multitude of them, making new flavours welcome.

Zahli restaurant is situated in The Rocks and brings a burst of traditional Middle Eastern flavours and culture to Sydney’s CBD.

It has been cleverly named after Lebanon’s third largest city, Zahli and certainly exemplifies a unique, unprecedented beauty through its flavour and culture, making it the best Lebanese restaurant in Sydney (or, at least, we think so!).

Lebanese restaurants: why the fuss?

There is a certain alchemy associated with Lebanese cuisine that Sydneysiders seem to embrace. The hunt for great food and experience ends at this humble cuisine.

Sydney, we bring you 5 reasons why Lebanese restaurants are the best bet for your next dining experience.

5 reasons why Lebanese restaurants are ‘the best option’:

  1. Food

A good Lebanese restaurant has a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives on the menu. Unlike a traditional, ‘a la carte’ style of dining consisting of an entree, main and dessert, an authentic Lebanese dinner is a banquet which is considered a meal of many dishes.

Bursting with flavours that take you to the exotic ends of the middle east, Lebanese banquets and dishes standing alone, bring you nothing but the finest fusion of herbs, spices and ingredients. Traditional “mezza” is a spread of smaller dishes ranging from dips and small pastries to sour pickles and fresh salads. This is followed by the meat or vegetarian platters, followed by an assortment of mouth-watering desserts; almost like the never-ending packet of TimTams.

  1. Service

Simply put, if the service is bad even if the food is good you most likely will not have a returning customer. Service is the key factor that makes or breaks a restaurant and is the common factor of the best Lebanese restaurants in Sydney. As people, the Lebanese are known for their hospitality, generosity and welcoming nature.

It is said that in the Lebanese culture, when one walks into the door of another, the host says, in honour of tradition, “my home is your home.” This is no exception to Lebanese restaurants; dining here is as comfortable and warm as dining at home.

  1. Ambience

Creating a unique space, allows diners to be comfortable while enjoying a complete experience, not just the food. A certain uniqueness is favoured among diners of fine cuisine particularly an ambience that best reflects Lebanese culture.

Lebanese traditions are flamboyant in colour, details and aesthetic beauty. There are no two ways about the ambience that surrounds you when dining at a Lebanese restaurant. The perfect merge between contemporary and traditional, Lebanese and Australian, Lebanese restaurants are ready to create an unforgettable experience.

  1. Price

Whether leisurely, for client meetings or for special occasions, the price is a factor that could attract or deter people from dining at a restaurant. Moderately priced menus are more likely to attract various groups of diners who have an eye for value for money. At Zahli, our generous servings and overly-proportioned dishes are sure to give you ‘bang for your buck’ without discounting the size of your meal.

Zahli’s high quality, yet reasonably priced menu is part of the reason why so many people choose to hold their special occasions or dine with a group of friends. Best experienced as a banquet, put your money where your mouth is, (literally).

  1. Uniqueness

Step aside from the 3-course-bore that you are oh so accustomed to. Enjoy a banquet, enjoy multiple dishes, and enjoy an experience at one of the leading Lebanese restaurants in Sydney.

The unique nature of Zahli’s menu means that you can experience the true sensation of Lebanese food in an Australian fused setting – meaning that you get the best of both worlds.

Why Zahli has been crowned the ‘best Lebanese restaurant in Sydney’

Zahli restaurant has recently been voted as Sydney’s number one Middle Eastern restaurant, in Australia’s Good Food Guide. Earning its spot at the top of the list of restaurants within The Rocks, Zahli is perfect for both an intimate dinner for two or a larger group gathering.

I remember in my younger years when the family would gather for a meal, I would look around and think; This. This is magic.”

– Mohammad (Owner)

Boasting a chic and airy space, Zahli, unlike most The Rocks restaurants, has an ample amount of restaurant space, making it more comfortable for diners to enjoy the unique atmosphere and be transported to the banks of the Sannine in Lebanon.

Offering a wide selection of cold and hot mezze, an endless variety of fresh meats and grills, and a range of delicious desserts, Zahli exceeds most people’s’ expectations, making for the ultimate dining experience.

‘Wow’ your guests and choose Zahli for your next big occasion or when you feel like having the best Lebanese food at Sydney’s leading Lebanese restaurant.

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