27 February, 2023
What food should you try from one of the best Lebanese restaurants in 2021?

Making New Year’s resolutions is always exciting, especially if it involves food. Many people make the resolution to try new food and more diverse restaurants. While this is extremely easy in Sydney, especially in the CBD, you are also spoiled for choice. It’s obvious that our recommendation will be for you to get more familiar with Lebanese and Middle Eastern food, however, we know that it can be overwhelming to select dishes, especially those that you have not tried before. 

Lebanese food is made up of dishes that reflect their history, culture and geography, and as a whole, is extremely diverse and varied. This doesn’t only mean that you have several dishes to choose from, but it also means that you can have an entirely new experience every time you visit a Lebanese restaurant. While dishes such as hommos and fried kibbeh have become popular in the mainstream food culture of Sydney, lesser-known Middle Eastern dishes that are also offered by Zahli remain under-appreciated. 

To introduce more people to the beauty of Middle Eastern cuisine, we’ve identified 5 dishes that are not as popular as hommos, but that are equally (if not more) delicious. Broaden your palate and cultural awareness, and try these dishes on your next visit to Zahli!

5 dishes you should try from one of the best Lebanese restaurants in 2021


While makanek is not as well-known as kafta, it is certainly not a dish to miss. It is made up of pan-fried Lebanese sausages which are tossed in fresh lemon juice, vinegar and pine nuts. The sausage is spiced ground meat which is filled in a sheep casing. The dish is not spicy, but is seasoned to perfection and is a great way to sample the food of Lebanon. The acidic elements, lemon juice and vinegar, elegantly cut through the fat of the meat while pine nuts provide textural contrast and a nutty undertone. Our advice? Make it a must-have when ordering your mezza dishes.


Foul is another hot mezza that’s both vegetarian and gluten-free, making it the perfect dish for any vegetarian interested in trying a signature Middle-Eastern dish. Fava beans are paired with tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Though these lemony and garlicky beans are commonly eaten for breakfast, it’s also a great way to start your meal and is often ordered as a hot mezza. Enjoy this hearty dish with Lebanese bread.

Mansaf lamb

This dish contains lamb that has been slow-cooked and served with roasted nuts, yoghurt and cucumber and seasoned rice pilaf with minced meat. While the dish originally hails from Jordan, Zahli has put its spin on it. The intensely flavoured lamb paired with yoghurt and nuts is unique and is worth a try for anyone looking to experience a delicious and heart-warming dish.


This traditional Lebanese meal is as filling and authentic as you can get. Kousa, which is Arabic for zucchini, is a labour of love, however, once you try it, you’ll understand why. The dish is a zucchini that’s stuffed with spiced meat and rice which is cooked in a tomato sauce until tender. Order this dish at Zahli for a different experience for your main meal.


For dessert, many people are used to ordering either baklava or even knafe, however, mhlabiye offers a different and more elegant side of Lebanese desserts. Mhlabiye is a milk pudding that’s infused with rosewater and orange blossom. It’s incredibly floral and extremely silky, offering only a slight textural change from a pistachio garnish. It’s served chilled, making it a refreshing dessert on a hot summer night. Take a break from what you usually try, and explore an entirely new dessert.

Don’t forget that Zahli and other Lebanese restaurants are an entire experience, not just a restaurant with excellent food. In true Lebanese fashion, Zahli will welcome you with its warm hospitality, entertain you with live belly dancing and of course, wow you with its lively and vibrant ambience. Zahli is the perfect place to experience an entirely new culture and fulfil your resolution of trying new food.

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We hope that this article helps you to try new dishes and enjoy your summer dining experience a little bit more. We promise that you’ll love every one of these dishes! If you are interested in indulging in authentic Middle-Eastern food then Zahli, Modern Middle Eastern restaurant can gladly provide a memorable meal. Zahli is here to provide you with a culinary experience like no other. Book your table online here.