27 February, 2023
What are the best takeaway dishes from Zahli Restaurant in The Rocks?

In order to be responsible during the times of social distancing, everyone has been utilising online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery. Takeaway meals have become the new norm however, you’re never able to experience food the same as you would in a restaurant. Some dishes are better served in-house, while other dishes are just as delicious and fresh as a takeaway option. Because of this, many restaurants in The Rocks, like Zahli, have resorted to a takeaway menu. Not every dish on a restaurants main menu is available on this menu, for the reasons mentioned above. In Zahli’s takeaway menu, the same delicious, fresh and beautifully flavoured dishes are available for takeaway, with only a few favourites missing. From this menu, we’ll tell you what our favourite takeaway dishes are and why we chose to keep them on our takeaway menu.

#1 Our Favourite Salad – Fattoush

Fattoush should be one of your favourite salads to take away because of the variety of textures and flavours. Zahli’s fattoush is unlike any other in Sydney. Apart from the traditional cucumbers, tomatoes and crispy bread, we’ve included capsicum, shallots, baby cos lettuce, fresh mint leaves and cabbage. It’s topped off with crispy bread for crunch and a tart but fragrant pomegranate molasses and lemon oil dressing. Pomegranate arils serve as the garnish. In one bite, it’s sweet, tart and savoury—a great addition to any meal or, by itself!

#2 Our Favourite Hot Mezza – Sambousik Meat

Ordering sambousik meat is an excellent way to get the most out of a takeaway order. Like most pastries, it can be laborious to make so, why not indulge and order it from Zahli? Stuffed in the traditional Lebanese pastry are minced meat, pine nuts, onion and spices. It’s fragrant, savoury and texturally perfect all in one. It gets even better, we serve it with hommos as a dip for a creamy complement. Order it as a snack or addition to your meal.

#3 Our Favourite Main Course – Mixed Grill

The mixed grill is an excellent takeaway dish, especially if you can’t make up your mind! It’s a combination of three skewers: kafta, lahem mishwee and shish tawook. The combination of chargrilled chicken and minced and chargrilled lamb gives you all the satisfaction of traditional Lebanese meat cookery right at home. The succulent meats are paired with grilled tomatoes and onion, chilli bread and hommos and garlic dip, making it a complete and wholesome meal. The filling meal is perfect for the meat-lover in your family or even for splitting. 

#4 Our Favourite Seafood – Samki Beirutiye

Samki beirutiye is seared barramundi fillet that’s topped with a spicy tomato salsa and roasted mixed nuts. We know that it’s easy to make your own fish at home however, this dish is made extra-special with our delectable spicy tomato salsa. It’s tart and well-spiced, making it the perfect companion to our fresh fish. Takeaway meals need to be unique and that’s exactly what this dish is. It also includes roasted nuts and is paired with rice. A combination of textures and flavours that is a treat to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

#5 Our Favourite Dessert – Turkish Delight

Ordering dessert online is always a treat. We especially love ordering difficult-to-make desserts that aren’t frequently eaten. Turkish delight is one of those desserts that while delicious and extremely satisfying, is seldom made at home. Our Turkish delight is rose flavoured and topped with shredded coconut for a slightly sweet crunch. Together, the combination of flavours makes for a unique and satisfying dessert that’s perfect to end a Lebanese feast.

How can you order food online from Lebanese restaurants in The Rocks?

Now that you know what some of our favourite takeaway dishes are, you’re probably wondering how to order. Zahli has improved its online ordering presence to make it easy for you to enjoy your favourite dishes. Let’s take a look at how you can order your favourite Lebanese food online. Zahli Modern Middle Eastern Restaurant is available for delivery from the following apps:

  • UberEats
  • Deliveroo
  • Menulog

Curbside pick-up is also available, just call and order from our takeaway menu.

If you are interested in indulging in authentic Middle-Eastern food then Zahli, Modern Middle Eastern restaurant can gladly provide a memorable meal.  Zahli is here to provide you with a culinary experience like no other. Call us on (02) 9318 2228 to reserve a table or for pick-up orders.