27 February, 2023
The secret to the tastiness of raw meat – the Lebanese way.


We give you the raw truth. Is this beloved Lebanese dish as good as people describe it to be? Known as kibbeh nayye – the steak tartare of Lebanese cuisine – this specially prepared dish holds an grand position in the culture’s most-loved meals.

What is kibbeh nayye? (“nayye” is Arabic for raw) Made of fresh raw lamb meat, this blend is mixed with crushed wheat, herbs and special spices, and is often complemented with a side of fresh greens and Lebanese bread, then drizzled with olive oil. It is the definitive Lebanese festive food and often served at any occasion, celebration or feast.

Lebanese restaurants in Sydney CBD and around are serving up this speciality for everyone to try – but none quite like Zahli Restaurant. Although you may be thinking ‘how can I eat raw meat?’, let us assure you that it is healthy, safe and delicious! Kibbeh nayye is usually served as a mezza during a traditional Lebanese dining experience and enjoyed alongside a range of other cold and hot mezzas. 

To ensure the safety of yourself and dining guests, and in alignment with health standards, there are certain procedures and methods you should follow if you are preparing this dish yourself or that are important to know before consuming it at a restaurant in Sydney CBD:

Eat raw meat only if you know it is fresh! Taking precaution through steps like using clean equipment to prepare and purchasing meat from a trusted supplier on the same day you wish to dine are only two of many steps you can take to ensure this

Control the temperature. Bacteria that can cause food poisoning can grow rapidly when meat is unrefrigerated. It is important to keep raw meat refrigerated below 5 degrees Celcius until you are ready to prepare and serve. To make sure the meat is safe, it is essential that you refrigerate it as soon as possible and pack it into an insulated cooler on your trip home

Keep raw meat and poultry away from other ready-to-eat foods. It is also recommended to keep raw meat away from other ready to eat foods that will not be cooked. This reduces the chance of cross-contamination – which can be quite common when handling any type of raw meat. It is also important to wash your hands in hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly before preparing food and after touching other raw poultry. Thoroughly clean all utensils, equipment and surfaces after preparing raw meat and poultry before contact with other foods. It is also recommended to use a separate cutting/preparation board specifically for raw meat.

Yes, it is safe to consume kibbeh nayye, if it is prepared and handled correctly. With all that being said, eating raw meat is generally not recommended and should not be eaten by young children, elderly, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.  

Yet to try this unique dish? 

Zahli has you covered – serving only the tastiest and freshest kibbeh nayye you can find at a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney’s CBD. There is no other place you should have your first kibbeh nayye experience, enjoyed through our open, clean and sustainable kitchen space.

Not only does Zahli restaurant serve amazing kibbeh nayye – but they also serve an array of delightful Lebanese classics. Zahli restaurant was also recently voted Sydney CBD’s number one Middle Eastern restaurant by Australian Good Food Guide 2020! Earning its spot at the top of the list of restaurants within Sydney CBD, Zahli is perfect for any occasion. 

If you are unsure as to what to pair kibbeh nayye with when you visit Zahli, our team can help you select an array of delicious dishes. Make the right choice and book in your next lunch or dinner at Zahli – Sydney’s leading Lebanese restaurant. 

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