27 February, 2023
The cat’s out of the bag: Sydney’s top Lebanese restaurant shares their favourite tabbouli recipe

Nothing screams Lebanese culture and identity more than tabbouli. It is a traditional dish of the national diet, and many locals will indulge in this mouth-watering salad at least once a week.

Tabbouli is certainly a Lebanese classic and served in some of the top restaurants in Sydney.

We can unquestionably have a bowl every single day.

Tabbouli is a well-renowned dish, with many people all over the world recognising and appreciating it. This salad originated in the mountains of Lebanon and Syria and was a crucial part of people’s diets in the Middle Ages. Today tabbouli is a part of every Lebanese feast and is served in all of the top Lebanese restaurants in Sydney.

Making tabbouli is not as hard as it seems — a beautiful bowl of fresh ingredients rich in antioxidants, minerals and filled with vitamins.

However, making and eating tabbouli the Lebanese way requires technique.

Tabbouli is a delicious, lemony, tangy and fresh salad that is just as refreshing as it sounds. There are many different variations of tabbouli, and people are now combining a variety of ingredients adding their flair to the dish. We believe tabbouli should not be tampered with, and the recipe should be executed the traditional way.

Are you interested in making tabbouli the Lebanese way? Here is what Sydney’s top Lebanese restaurant has to say about preparing and making this flavoursome salad.

Ok, Sydney here is an ingredients list to help you prepare top-end Lebanese restaurant-style tabbouli at home! 

  • Parsley: The star of the recipe! Ensure this ingredient is washed carefully with cold water and dried thoroughly with a salad spinner. However, we recommend preparing the parsley a day in advance to guarantee the herb to dry fully
    • 3 bunches
  • Fresh mint: this needs to be prepared and finely chopped. Ensure the mint used is fresh and not wilted
    • 1 cup (chopped)
  • Tomatoes: we only love to use fresh and ripe tomatoes! If the tomatoes are too juicy removing the core before dicing is beneficial
    • 5 tomatoes
  • Shallots: slicing onions finely is key to great tabbouli. It adds a tang to the overall taste without being as overpowering as a white onion.
    • 1-2 use of the entire green area
  • Ground wheat: fine bulgur is the best type to use and should be soaked in water while the rest of the salad is prepared. This should then be drained before added to the mixture.
    • 2-3 tablespoons
  • Lemon Juice: freshly squeezed lemons are the only type of lemons you should use! Do not compromise this ingredient with bottled lemon juice.
    • ¼ cup
  • Olive Oil: we recommend high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Trust us; you will notice the difference.
    • ½ cup
  • Salt and pepper: add more if you prefer, but we recommend the following doses.
    • Salt: 3 tablespoons
    • Pepper: 1½ tablespoon

Preparing tabbouli: top restaurant in Sydney exposes all of its secrets

The best way to make tabbouli is by mixing up the dressing in a small bowl beforehand. The dressing is made up of olive oil and lemon juice. Simple.

Whisk these together until they are well blended and let the flavour settle in while you prepare the rest of the salad.

Tip: You can also add the bulgur to the dressing while preparing, allowing it to absorb, soften and soak up the flavour. The bulgur can either be soaked in water or the salad dressing. This is up to you.

Tabbouli is a salad that requires a lot of chopping. Shallots, parsley, tomatoes and mint. Use a large knife to chop all these ingredients.

Parsley needs to be finely chopped. Tomatoes need to be diced in small portions (approximately 1cm by 1cm – smaller if possible). Shallots and mint need to be cut finely.

Once the chopping is done, add the bulgur and dressing. Mix, with love, of course.


How do top Lebanese restaurants in Sydney serve tabbouli?

Tabbouli can be enjoyed just as is, as a side to a protein meal or can be eaten as a Mezza. The simple, rich yet flavoursome ingredients make this salad amazing in any setting.

Many top Lebanese restaurants in Sydney serve tabbouli with lettuce, adding a large scoop of the salad to the lettuce leaf.

Tabbouli can also be the perfect accompaniment to falafel or hummus with pita bread. Whatever tickles your tastebuds!

This easy to prepare, fresh and flavoursome salad is one you can make at home for your family or to impress your guests!

Zahli Tip: We advise checking your teeth after eating the salad! There is always some excess parsley leaves entirely resting between your front teeth. 

Now is your time to shine. Get in the kitchen and get chopping!

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