27 February, 2023
Sydney’s best restaurants: bringing the world to your palate

The quest for good food in Australia stops in Sydney; home of the best restaurants and dining experiences. The medley of culture residing in the city has resulted in a perfect blend of international cuisines, satisfying palates of all types. This broth of culture has prompted a social uproar. Trending foods are now aiming to snap the most ‘instagrammable’ meal; almost too beautiful to eat.

Combine good looks, good food and good atmosphere – welcome to Sydney. Sydneysiders, you are spoiled with a plethora of boutique food options, exciting culinary, drool-worthy passions.

But what are the people of Sydney really missing out on when it comes to dining in the ‘best restaurants’ of the CBD?

Restaurants in Sydney CBD: lacking in experience



Picture this; the clock is ticking, every 3 minutes your phone screams for you to check the time, the countdown remains, people walk in and out around you, you scoff down your meal as quick as possible, all before the cock crows.

This is Sydney.

To the misfortune of most, Sydney CBD diners are missing out on what dining is best about; an experience.

The criteria of the best restaurant in Sydney rely on these three main elements; good food, good company, good entertainment. All of these constitute what food bloggers (or anyone!) would define as ‘an authentic experience.’

There is but one cuisine which offers all three of this divine food experience triangle no matter when or where; Lebanese cuisine. The multi-course dining experience is one which indulges in zesty flavours,  a banquet of hot and cold appetising platters, vegetarian alternatives and an endless table of multiple dishes for you to feast on.

Lebanese food: Sydney, you’re welcome.


Misconceived by many and known for it’s stained war-torn landscapes, Lebanon is deeply rooted in its culture and history. When it comes to food, the concept is to resemble this culture.

Authenticity, uniqueness, hospitality, entertainment, generosity and creativity are all ingredients of the Lebanese dining experience.

Combining mood and cuisine, Lebanese food is a designed journey by the host, who wants you to, in some way, share in the culture and tradition of Lebanon. Through flavoursome dishes made with love and passion, lebanese dishes are signature and are testa

Most ingredients are handpicked, undergo traditional preparation and all conserve the taste and quality of the original recipes which are passed down, generation to generation.

Minutes away from Sydney CBD, tucked away in the humble streets of The Rocks, Zahli Restaurant, without a doubt, is open and ready to showcase such authentic Lebanese food and experience to Sydneysiders.

Upon establishment, the only compromise of culture Zahli wanted to make was in it’s aesthetics. Delicately designed to merge a perfect fusion between contemporary and traditional decor, Zahli has quickly walked up the ranks as one of the best restaurants in Sydney, and in proving to Sydney what being Lebanese is all about; hospitable hosts, great food and welcoming to all peoples.

If you have not experienced the joy of Lebanese dining, you need to drop whatever you’re doing and book now at Zahli Restaurant on 02 9318 2228.