27 February, 2023
Sydney restrictions lifted: Let Zahli Restaurant be part of your next event with Lebanese catering

Everyone knows that Sydneysiders love a reason to celebrate, be it a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, gender reveal, christening, or simply, a gathering with friends. 

Zahli offers a tailored catering service to ensure all of your needs are taken care of when planning your next event. In Lebanese cuisine, the variety is diverse and caters to various dietary requirements. 

What to consider when planning the catering for your next event 

We have come up with a simple checklist to ensure what you should keep an eye on when deciding how to cater your next event:

Flavour: There is no better feeling than your guests loving the food; it makes you feel like you have executed the brief far beyond their expectations. 

Variety: Keep it diverse, creative, colourful and easy to serve. Your guests will appreciate the different options as well as how convenient it is to consume.

Quality: Ensure that your caterer uses high-quality and fresh produce when making the food required for your event. 

Dietary requirements: Catering to everyone’s needs can sometimes be challenging. It is essential to consider that there will be guests who are pescatarians, vegetarian, vegan and those with allergies such as nuts and dairy products, and accommodating to their needs. 

What Zahli Restaurant can offer as a Lebanese caterer of choice 

Our team offers expertise in designing a menu that best suits your event’s needs. Our restaurant is a prime example of how well we can creatively curate a menu that contributes to the ambience of your event and ensures guests enjoy their meal, making it an experience. 

We believe that no matter how large or small your event may be, a host should never sacrifice food quality. See our list of what we can offer to you for your next event as your caterers: 

— A variety of food options:

Pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies or strict dietary restrictions tend to struggle when attending an event.

When there are several guests, we ensure there is an option for everyone. Today, an average of 2 out of 5 adults suffer from an allergy and/or special dietary requirements. We have made it our duty and priority to ensure that we cater to these guests. We have various menu options that cater to diverse dietary needs to ensure that no palette is left dissatisfied.  

Several dishes are vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free on our menu, making it extremely easy to accommodate any guest. 

— Quality: Thankfully, in Australia, we are lucky to have many of the ingredients available when preparing Middle Eastern cuisine. There are specific ingredients required when preparing Middle Eastern dishes. Elements such as za’atar, pomegranate molasses, dried sumac and our signature seven spice mi, to name a few, are imperative for our dishes to taste just like home. We have access to international suppliers promising authenticity and quality in each of our menu items. In addition to this, where possible, we take pride in sourcing locally farmed produce, bringing premium fresh produce, meat and poultry to your table. 

— Middle Eastern Hospitality: Hospitality goes beyond offering good food. We consider every element of the catering experience. From presentation to additions to condiments and more, we genuinely exhibit Lebanese culture. We also have additional services such as an event stylist to help put together the food display at your venue. 

— Organised and time-efficient: Although allowing us ample time to organise the menu for your catering needs is ideal, we always want to do our best to keep customers happy. If you get in touch with us as soon as you can, we will run our kitchen like a tight ship and ensure that your event’s food will arrive fresh and on time. 

Zahli is here to provide you with a culinary experience in and out of our restaurant. Call us on (02) 9318 2228 to book catering for your next event.