27 February, 2023
Must-Try Menu Items at a Sydney Lebanese Restaurant

Often when dining at a Lebanese restaurant sydney, selecting which menu items to have for your meal could be overwhelming, especially considering the wide selection of foods offered. You don’t want to feel like you’re missing out on any menu items, so choosing your meal could be tricky. 

Zahli Restaurant incorporates Middle Eastern flavours inspired by traditional, authentic recipes enlivened through modern twists, fused into each dish by our talented and creative chef, Elie. By implementing the originality and culture of Lebanese cuisine into each dish prepared, Zahli offers an arrangement of flavours suitable for any preference.

Whether a la carte or banquet, our menu offers a wide selection of food options to choose from, so rest assured we have delicious dishes to suit any palate. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of Zahli’s popular cuisines, check out some of our must-try menu items.

Must-try items from Zahli’s menu


Like all reputable Middle Eastern restaurant in sydney, Zahli provides an array of Mezza options, a selection of small dishes served as appetisers. These appetiser dishes offer a mixture of small plates often filled with bite-sized foods such as dips, salads, bread and other finger foods. Our Mezza selection provides cold and hot options, perfect for any mood. 

Of our cold Mezza selection, a must-try is the mixed dips. Served with hommos (smooth chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic and fresh lemon juice), baba ghannouj (smoked chargrilled fresh eggplant, blended with tahini, garlic, fresh lemon juice, topped with fresh pomegranate seeds) and labneh (homemade strained yoghurt topped with a sprinkle of oregano and sesame seeds), it’s the perfect start to your dining experience. Why have one dip when you can have them all, right?!

The sambousik, whether cheese or meat-stuffed, is a definite go-to from our hot Mezza selection. The sambousik is a traditional Lebanese pastry filled with feta cheese and parsley or minced meat, onion, pine nuts, and spices; it all depends on your craving.  


Our menu offers a range of different salads, but the Tabouli is an obvious must-try when choosing a salad (if you haven’t already tried it). Tabouli is a traditional Lebanese salad generally made up of finely chopped parsley, mint, tomato, shallots, crushed wheat, fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Served as part of our cold Mezza selection, Tabouli is a staple dish of Lebanon. It has even spread worldwide to become an internationally loved side dish. It’s only fitting that you try it at one of Sydney’s most well-reputed Lebanese restaurants.

Main course

Our menu provides an assortment of options for the main course, but you can’t go wrong when selecting our mixed grill option. Served with three skewers (kafta, lahem mishwee and shish tawook) and sides of grilled tomato and onion, tahini sauce, and chilli bread, it’s the perfect main course meal. Having three meat options in the one meal ensures you get more taste of our Lebanese food-filled culture, complimented by our modern (and secret) twist. 


Craving something sweet to finish off your dining experience at Zahli? Why not try our Knafe with cheese. Made from a fine semolina base, layered with cheese which is then baked until golden, topped with bread crumbs and pistachio and served with sweet syrup. It’s a traditional Middle Eastern classic you won’t want to miss out on. Or how about trying our rice pudding, made of milk and rice pudding infused with rose water and topped with pistachios, served chilled? Drooling yet?

Looking to try these traditional delicious must-try options and more from our menu?

Get in touch with us here at Zahli Restaurant for a meal you won’t forget. Call us on (02) 9318 2228 or visit our website  to reserve a table. We look forward to having you dine with us!