27 February, 2023
Middle Eastern Cuisine: Made and Mastered for Sharing

The Rich History

Lebanese food draws its roots from historical influences of its people and geographical region. For villages who highly depended on the land for their wellbeing, Lebanese food embraces a mix of vegetables, herbs and spices that are core to so many recipes. Dating back to the Ottoman Empire, Lebanese food as we know it today has become one of the most flavoursome around the world- and one of the most historical. Under their occupation, the Ottoman influence also introduced dishes rich in meat.

The French occupation however introduced sweet treats and pastries we know and love, that Middle Easterners have used to draw inspiration for their own creations- such as meat stuffed pastries. With the country’s capital, Beirut, often being referred to as Paris of the Middle East, it’s only fitting the French had some sort of influence over the cuisine.


The Way it is Best Enjoyed

Through various occupations, external influences, civil and cultural backlashes and any hurdles the region has encountered, one thing that has kept the people together is their unity. The sense of being and belonging is as a result reflected in their social and lifestyle choices, and of course, dining.

A true Lebanese feast is a meal of many dishes. Often starting with mezze, which is a range of small dishes such as finger foods and dips, mains are often grilled skewers of meats; traditional stews; or soups filled with rich flavours, garden ingredients and signature herbs and spices. With variety being a given in any Lebanese sit down, sampling a little from here and there makes it best enjoyed when it shared. Even better, Lebanese cuisine satisfies any palate, dietary requirement or lifestyle, having so many staple dishes that are fit to anyone and everyone.

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