27 February, 2023
An Authentic Lebanese Restaurant Experience: What does it involve?

Lebanese food is “soul” food – it’s comforting, it’s authentic, it’s true to itself, and most importantly, it makes you feel good. One of the greatest things about this cuisine is that it is diverse enough to satisfy any preference and sample any flavour. Most importantly, Lebanese food is about creating a true culinary experience.

The top 5 things to know before visiting a Lebanese Restaurant

1. Be prepared to feast

An authentic Lebanese dinner is a banquet. As opposed to an entree, main and dessert course, it’s a meal of many dishes. Traditional “mezza” is a spread of anything and everything from dips and finger foods, to sour pickles and fresh salads. Mezza is the perfect entry to the Lebanese experience. As the starter, it’s best to go on an empty stomach and bring a large appetite.


2. Limit the bread intake

At Zahli Lebanese restaurant, one of our key pieces of advice is: Watch the bread.

It’s not because we encourage a low carb diet, but because we know the consequences of over-consumption. Lebanese bread comes in many shapes and forms – fresh, friend, drizzled with oil and finished with a sprinkle of oregano – so it is hard to limit eating dips with this delicious bread, but it is best you do. As a feast of many dishes, we recommend any space saving in the stomach, starting with bread, to leave more room for the great things to come…

3. Try Arak!

Arak is a traditional Middle Eastern anise-flavoured alcoholic beverage. It is often the go-to at Arabic inspired dinner parties, events and restaurants, and is perhaps one of the strongest liqueurs available. To put this into context, it is even referred to as “lions milk” – emphasising the fact it is not for the faint of heart. It is often served with water and in a short glass, best enjoyed over one or two cups…

4. Keep an eye and ear out for entertainment

What is Lebanese food without Lebanese entertainment?!

Lebanese restaurants (and meals in general) are known for the way they invoke emotion. By creating a fun, lively and welcoming atmosphere, this is often complemented through song and/or dance. At Zahli Restaurant, our diners immerse in an authentic setting by tuning into mellow Arabian sounds in the background, while they enjoy the perfect meal. From the sounds of the oud to the angelic voice of Fairuz, our listeners can sample the best from iconic Lebanese artists.

5. Finish off with a little something sweet

In life, there is always room for dessert, especially Lebanese desserts.

Middle Eastern delights are a blend of exotic and refreshing flavours, from hints of rose water to toppings of sweet, sweet syrups. One thing that is for sure, is that they must be the final act in any Lebanese experience. Complementing dessert is traditional Lebanese coffee – served hot, short and strong. Dessert and coffee are staples to the cuisine and the culture…

Enjoy the experience at Zahli Restaurant. Book now!