27 February, 2023
Lebanese Food: Everyone in Sydney’s favourite

Sydney is known as the melting pot of cultures, which as a result, boasts a rich diversity of international foods and flavours. 

Lebanese cuisine has long been a hit amongst Sydneysiders, with Zahli modern middle eastern restaurant sydney beautifully embracing the vibrancy and warmth of the Middle East, through the delicious food we serve and the cultural experience we deliver. Providing traditional, authentic Lebanese food with a contemporary twist is our specialty. Think: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Chickpeas and parsley are also staple ingredients while garlic, olive oil and lemon juice are frequently used to add amazing flavour.

The Zahli menu is designed to cater for everyone’s preferences. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or you eat everything, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of Lebanese food options accommodating to all. 

Enriched with flavours, textures, aromas and tastes directly inspired by Lebanese culture, our cuisine brings about nothing short of the most exceptional combination of Lebanese-specific spices and herbs, fit to satisfy any palate. With various menu items to choose from, we’re sure no diner will leave unsatisfied or left to feel as if they’re missing out on the deliciousness that is to be offered by Lebanese food. 

Vegan and Vegetarian

For all our vegan and vegetarian eaters, our menu is very accommodating. When choosing to start off with some traditional hot or cold Mezza options, grab a plate of hommos dip (cold Mezza) – a dip made from boiled and mashed chickpeas in a mixture of tahini, garlic, salt and lemon juice, or try a plate of our potato coriander (hot Mezza) – a plate of crispy fried diced potato, tossed with fresh coriander, garlic, lemon juice & chilli… sounds delicious right?!

Looking for a main course? Try our delicious mjadra, a popular dish made with cooked lentil and rice pilaf topped with crispy fried onion and served with a fresh garden salad. Not only are all our vegan-friendly and vegetarian dishes very traditional foods, as well as filling and flavoursome, they’re also all rich in health benefits, nutrients and protein, and always of the highest quality. 

Meat Eaters

For all our meat-lovers, we have a variety of dishes to choose from. For a selection of Mezza, a popular selection is the traditional kibbeh nayye, one of Lebanon’s most famous delicacies. Found in the ‘cold Mezza’ section of our menu, this delectable meal is made with fresh raw lamb meat, finely blended & mixed with crushed wheat, herbs & special condiments and served with a side of fresh greens & olive oil; it can be served as the perfect appetiser or even ordered to be eaten as a main meal, regardless, you’re sure to be satisfied! 

Craving a meat-filled main course? Try our mixed grill, a combination of 3 skewers (kafta, lahem mishwee & shish tawook), served with grilled tomato and onion, tahini sauce and chilli bread… it’s as delicious as it sounds and you get to have 3 meat options in one meal!


Feeling like seafood? We’ve got a few options on our menu! One of our most popular, the samki harra – seared barramundi fillet topped with spicy tahini sauce and roasted mixed nuts –  is definitely an option you need to try, along with our salt and pepper squid and whitebait. 

At Zahli Restaurant, we take satisfaction in being able to cater for all individuals while also serving quality food that is traditional, fresh, healthy and authentically Lebanese… suitable for all palettes! 

Looking to try these delicious options and more from our menu?

Get in touch with us here at Zahli Restaurant for a meal you won’t forget. Call us on (02) 9318 2228 or visit our website  to reserve a table. We look forward to having you dine with us!