27 February, 2023
How Does the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Sydney Remain Consistent?

Some of the best restaurants in Sydney have one thing in common: consistency. Consistency is a simple concept, however, it is difficult to achieve. Many great restaurants have failed because of inconsistency. At Zahli, we understand the value of this concept. We know that it determines our reviews, recommendations, customer loyalty and business operations. For this reason, and to do our Lebanese food justice, we have strived for consistency in every aspect of our restaurant.

In the multicultural and vibrant city of Sydney, new restaurants pop up every day, making it even more pertinent that Zahli works on every element of its business. With constantly evolving competition and food trends, our restaurant sought to perfect what it does best: food, hospitality and service. Over the years, we’ve mastered our processes and thus, have remained consistent for our customers. This consistency has enabled us to become an established restaurant in our home suburb and city. We are known as the premier spot for authentic and modern Lebanese food in Sydney. 

So what has allowed us to remain so consistent over the years? In reality, it’s hard work and attention to detail, however, we have also developed key qualities and guidelines along the way. In this article, we’ll let you in on our secrets to becoming the best and most consistent Lebanese restaurant in Sydney.

How the best Lebanese restaurant in Sydney became consistent

Prioritise high-quality ingredients

Lebanese and Middle-Eastern food is centred on high-quality and fresh ingredients. We knew that in order to get the foundation of our dishes correct, we could not sacrifice the quality of our ingredients. Our fruits, vegetables and meat are all fresh and are of the highest quality. Our tabbouli, fattoush and other dishes are vibrant and crisp, indicating the use of high-quality vegetables. 

The quality of ingredients doesn’t stop with just fruits, vegetables and meat. Many of our Middle-Eastern dishes call for traditional ingredients such as za’atar and pomegranate molasses. We ensure that we source the most authentic ingredients for the true Middle-Eastern experience throughout our dishes.  We believe that this attention to detail has allowed us to not only produce authentic Middle-Eastern dishes but consistent ones over the years. 

Pay attention to our service

Lebanese hospitality is well-known around the world. We strived to reflect that in our restaurants by training our staff to emulate that warm Lebanese hospitality. From the moment you step into our restaurant, you are warmly greeted by our host. Then, one of our waiters will take your order and kindly advise or explain any of the dishes on our menu.  We spend time training our staff to ensure that they don’t only know the names of our dishes, but that they understand it can advise you according to your dietary needs or likes. Each member is briefed on their expectations and how they should welcome and serve a guest. Whether you’re joining us for a romantic dinner or a corporate lunch, you can expect the same stellar Lebanese service every time. 

Be adaptable

Knowing how to remain consistent is one thing, however, staying consistent through unprecedented circumstances is a test to your restaurant’s capabilities. In the face of adversity, your restaurant should know how to change its processes, services and operation in order to offer the same quality of food.  During the lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic in Sydney, Zahli had to adjust to the ban on dine-in and then the subsequent reduced number of customers. With reduced revenue, Zahli offered a smaller and more limited menu in order to adjust to the economic climate. This ensured that Zahli was able to offer the same quality and service to its customers.

Remain true to our style

While caught in the lively restaurant scene of The Rocks and Sydney, it’s hard to get caught up with food trends. However, in order to stay consistent with our quality and the heart of our restaurant, Zahli has maintained its approach to food  – authentic, modern and delicious. Our customers come to Zahli expecting a certain type of food filled with the flavours of the Middle East and authentic, yet refined, to break away from that would confuse them and eventually, eat away at their loyalty to us. 

We hope that this article gives you insight into how Zahli has remained consistent over the past few years, even during these current difficult times. If you are interested in indulging in our authentic Middle Eastern food then Zahli, Modern Middle Eastern restaurant will gladly provide a memorable meal. Zahli is here to provide you with a culinary experience like no other. Call us on (02) 9318 2228 to reserve a table or for pick-up orders.