Elie Abi Rached

Executive Chef

Elie’s future as an executive chef was well and truly carved before he knew it. Growing up in Lebanon meant being surrounded with notoriously good food and fresh produce. His early days were spent cooking with the family, utilising the abundance of amazing produce, handled with age-old traditional methods.

After attending The Culinary Institute of Lebanon, Elie spent his early years exploring his creativity and passion for food by participating in an array of prestigious cooking shows, winning industry awards for three consecutive years. Inspired by the thrilling experience of the kitchen, Elie then pursued his career as Executive Chef of Chase, Beirut, where he managed the daily operations of the kitchen. After several years cooking his way around Lebanon, Elie moved to Sydney, bringing his love and passion for authentic Lebanese cuisine as Executive Chef of Zahli Restaurant.

With over a decade of restaurant experience and eight years as an Executive Chef, Elie brings a truly diverse range of culinary influences to the Zahli kitchen. His love for Middle Eastern flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques, is paired with his enthusiasm to share this passion with others through Zahli Restaurant. Elie’s vision at Zahli Restaurant is to create a personalised fine dining experience that immerses its guests in authentic Lebanese cuisine and culture, transporting them to a world of vibrant flavours and memorable experiences. Elie’s passion is matched by his commitment to uncompromised quality and consistency, allowing him to deliver an exceptional experience.

A passion pursued at Zahli