27 February, 2023
6 Reasons Why Zahli Is Considered The Best Middle Eastern Restaurant In Sydney

What makes some restaurants better than others? It’s a question on every food lover and dining enthusiast’s mind, as well as any restaurant owner.

At Zahli, we know that amid this “ethnic food war,” or more lightly put, the competition over whose dining experience is the absolute best, we work the hardest behind the curtain and in front of you. From carefully selecting emotionally intelligent staff to every other detail you may think of, if it enhances your experience, be sure that we have thought of it. If not, then do leave us more suggestions!

Here are 6 reasons we believe that Zahli Restaurant is among the best of best in the category of Middle Eastern foods in Sydney

1. Convenient location  

There is no reason why Zahli Restaurant shouldn’t be an option for your next dining experience. 

The restaurant is not difficult to get to, and as our website mentions: “Free street parking” is available right outside Zahli on Elizabeth Street after 6 pm every evening. The following streets are just a few minutes’ walk away and also offer some free parking: Buckingham, Belvoir, Bedford, Dawson, Brumby, Rutland, Pembroke, and Chalmers.

We’re also only a 5-minute walk from the Chalmers Street exit of Central Station.

2. Accessibility

Apart from easy commuting and parking, most importantly, everyone is welcome to dine with us. Anyone can easily access Zahli Restaurant through a ramp entry adjacent to the restaurant. Furthermore, our staff are ready to assist any person with their requirements and needs to enjoy what we offer.

3. Booking made easy

Booking a table has never been easier. Just Google “Zahli Restaurant” and the first thing that will appear on your screen is the prompt to “Book a Table“. More traditional ways such as phone reservations, and via social platforms are also an option, with our friendly staff awaiting your query! 

4. Response time 

We live in fast times. Customers want things to appear on their doorstep shortly after they place an order, and questions to be handled within moments (if not seconds!). Our staff are highly responsive and helpful and won’t keep you waiting. They know that they are there to assist you with all your needs, gently and with pleasure. Whether via an online platform, a phone call, or in person, we are here to ensure that whatever you request, whatever your order, is delivered in a timely manner, with little to no (unreasonable) wait times. Just remember, we can’t speed up the process of delicious, fresh dishes. That’s the only time we take our time. 

5. Choices

We have strategically developed our menu to make it as friendly for the hungry (and “hangry”) as possible. For an excellent Middle Eastern dining experience, there is no such thing as ordering one dish. Our menu boasts an extensive range of flavours, colours, tastes, and textures, and as Lebanese, we feast on all of them. Our extensive menu caters to the vegan, vegetarian and carnivore alike. No gluten? No worries! Whatever your dietary preference, we are confident that you have many options, including a seat for you (and your loved ones) at our table. 

6. Quality

Die-hard fans of Zahli Restaurant exist! We are one of the few Middle Eastern restaurant in Sydney that enjoy a loyal and large following. This is because of the quality of our food and the calibre of our service. 

Ingredients come as fresh as possible. From the second we receive the products we use to how we preserve it; is a highly systemised process that is oriented to maintaining quality and taste. We will not mention how we cook and prepare the food you will eat there, as for us, it is pure art.

A recent testimonial written by a satisfied customer has us all giddy, so we may as well just share it. 

“Could not fault our dining experience here! We had the labneh, fattoush, potatoes, mixed grill, chicken mansaf, and koussa. Finished off with knafeh and rice pudding. The service was amazing, especially Adella, who was extremely attentive and kind. The restaurant itself is lovely, with a great atmosphere. My daughter was so impressed that she thanked the chef personally. Will definitely be back! “

Drawing from Lebanon’s history, culture, and tradition, experience Lebanese cuisine the way it should be experienced right here in the heart of Sydney – sampling staple dishes, tasting traditional recipes, and basking in an ambience of warmth and comfort. 

Book your table today. As the Lebanese say, ahla w sahla (welcome)!