27 February, 2023
5 Ways Middle Eastern Food Brings People Together

The way to people’s hearts is often through food. Gathering together over a meal is one of the most celebrated ways of uniting people, and is big in Middle Eastern culture. Discover the many ways through which Lebanese food at Zahli Modern Middle Eastern Restaurant in Sydney brings people together.

1. Forget love—food is the universal language

When you walk into an Arabic restaurant in Sydney, like Zahli, the sight, smell and ambience set the scene for the experience, right from the beginning. Fusing dining and the experience, when people gather around the table, irrespective of their origins, they are united. Middle Eastern food in particular encourages sharing and open dialogue, and this is one main reason Zahli Modern Middle Eastern sees people across corporate, social and celebratory occasions, choosing our restaurant as their preferred location.

2. A culture in its own right 

Lebanese people are known for their incomparable hospitality. For us, sharing a meal means people coming together. Whether colleagues, family, friends or even blind dates, Zahli is the perfect setting for bonding and enjoying a perfect meal. Whether you’re breaking the ice or trying Lebanese food for the first time, our culture is one of unity, sociability and kindness.

3. Sharing is caring

Lebanese restaurant food is made for sharing. Dining around the table, and enjoying a meal together, often encourages people to bond over common interests, share memories and tell stories. By nature, Lebanese food is often a meal of many dishes. Yes, you may hear “pass the tabbouli” or “can I have a sambousik, please” but this open communication and passing meals from one person to the next, is one of the many beauties of truly enjoying Lebanese cuisine.

4. Building memories

When celebrating personal milestones, company achievements or events of any nature, it’s often done over a meal—e.g. a cocktail party, an intimate dinner, or lunch at a favourite restaurant. In essence, these restaurants are where memories are made. Zahli graciously hosts events of all kinds, and with tailored menus or signature banquets, complementing our serene interior, we open our doors with great joy.

5. Bridging cultures

Foods of many cultures are enjoyed all around the world, especially in multicultural Australia. This is one way to feel closer or accustomed to diverse cultures and traditions, no matter where you are in the world. Food also introduces the local customs and favourites of one country, to the next.

Middle Eastern food is rich in flavour, and we’re proud to bring age-old traditional recipes to the heart of Sydney. We are passionate about making each dining moment a memory, and to share our love for Lebanese cuisine to the world.

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