27 February, 2023
4 Reasons to Pick our Banquet When you Visit our Lebanese Restaurant

When visiting our Lebanese restaurant, it can be difficult to figure out what you want to eat. For first-timers to Zahli or any other Lebanese restaurant, the menu can be completely overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure about what some dishes are. Because of this intimidation, many diners miss out on the beautiful dishes from our Lebanese cuisine.

Who should select a banquet menu when dining at a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney?

Zahli’s banquet menu is available for 2 to 10 guests. It contains a selection of some of Zahli’s best Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes

It’s the perfect option for any person, couple or group that frequently experiences the following problems when they dine at a restaurant. 

  • Wanting a variety of dishes
  • Not knowing what to order
  • Being overwhelmed by an unfamiliar menu
  • Dining with a group and preferring a number of options
  • Complications arising from group dinners

4 reasons why you should select Zahli’s banquet menu on your next visit

1 – Makes group dining much easier
Group dining can be very difficult to organise. There are usually a number of dietary requirements to accommodate, confusion with ordering as well as debates on pricing. In any setting, a banquet is usually the best option for groups because it is a set price and comes with a pre-set menu which can usually accommodate a variety of dietary needs.

At Zahli, our banquet is set at an agreeable price and, without adjustments, can easily satisfy a number of dietary requirements. Traditionally, Middle-Eastern and Lebanese cuisine contain many vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options, allowing diners of all preferences and requirements to easily select their meals.

If further adjustment is required, Zahli will be able to accommodate accordingly, in most cases. 

2 – Bask in the impressive selection
One of the main issues of dining a la carte is that you never seem to have enough options. While it may seemingly be difficult to do this in a Lebanese restaurant that is designed around mezze, the reality is that most diners with small group sizes, find it difficult to order a selection of dishes for fear of over-ordering.

At Zahli, our banquet affords you the opportunity to enjoy a number of dishes at once! Combined, our hot and cold mezza offer over 10 dishes, giving you ample choice for your meal. With a la carte, it’s unlikely that you’ll have this selection, especially if you have a tiny group.

3 – Try new dishes
The beauty of dining at a Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurant is trying unique dishes from that culture/region. However, several diners either aren’t familiar with many of the traditional dishes offered by Zahli or revert to their comfort zones when ordering. This leaves diners missing out on a world of delicious food!

Our banquet gives diners the chance to try dishes they would have either been too intimidated by or unsure of trying. Along with favourites such as hommos and tabbouli, our banquet also has samki beirutyeh, sambousik and mouhamara on the menu. These unique dishes have not yet reached popularity in Sydney, however, they are well-deserving of praise.

4 – Eat traditionally
The Middle Eastern and Lebanese culture has a special way of dining with their family and friends. First, it’s a communal experience and second, it involves mezze. Mezze is a course of a series of dishes, much like appetisers. They usually involve 6 to 10 different small dishes which are made up of dips and small side dishes. 

Many diners at Zahli don’t follow this practice and usually end up sharing 1 to 2 mezze items. While this is completely acceptable, it does not immerse you into the full Middle-Eastern and Lebanese experience. Our banquet menu is designed to provide the traditional Middle Eastern and Lebanese experience with a set course of multiple mezze dishes.

Zahli’s banquet menu is available for $75 per person and $45 for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 years. A selection of desserts can be included in the banquet for an additional $10. To view the entire banquet menu, visit here.

If you are interested in indulging in authentic Middle-Eastern food or hosting a special event then contact Zahli, Modern Middle Eastern restaurant! They will gladly provide a memorable meal for your guests and ensure that your event is a success.

Zahli is here to provide you with a culinary experience like no other. Call us on (02) 9318 2228 to book your special event, reserve a table or for pick-up orders.